Control & Contracting

XM30 Expansion Module

The Tracer XM30 Expansion Module provides additional points when needed forTracer UC600,Tracer UC400, and Tracer UC210 applications. Each expansion module has a total of 4 points that can be configured using any combination of inputs/outputs (refer to the table below). A maximum of eight (8) expansion modules can be added to aTracer UC400. Use of a PM014 DC power supply is required for applications requiring more than two XM30 modules.

Configurable Connections
Connection Quantity Types Range
Inputs Can be configured using
any combination of analog or
binary inputs/analog outputs
Thermistor 2252 Om, 10k, 20k, 100k Om
Resistive (Setpoint) 100 Om to 1 M Om
RTD 1 k Om; platinum, Balco™ or nickel
Current 0–20 mA (linear)
Voltage 0–20 Vdc (linear)
Outputs Binary Dry Contact
Pulse Accumulator Minimum 20 milliseconds open or closed


Learn more: BAS-PRC035-EN_XM30.pdf