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Air-cooled chiller CGAJ, CXAJ


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Product Description

Product Overview

Moduel design
Heat pump and cooling-only models are available, based on the two fundamental modules of R410A refrigerant, i.e. CXAJ045 and CXAJ065. Modular combination is available for different needs.

Efficient and stable
The unit adopts the design of high-effi ciency scroll compressor, multi-compressor and multi-refrigerant circuit, capable of multi-level energy adjustment depending on actual load. The unit has an energy efficiency up to 3.19.
Shell and tube heat exchanger design, reduced water pressure, contributing to reduced power consumption of the system circulation water pump; effectively prevent clogging due to dirt and ice, ensuring stable operation of the unit.
Equipped with fl uid reservoir and accumulator as standard, improving reliability.

Quiet operation
Unique top and front/rear cover design, effectively screening noise and protecting the unit components from environmental damage.

Easy installation
The water system adopts parallel design, achieving lower water pressure drop, greatly reducing water pump power consumption, and saving cost of water pump investment and operation. The same series units have uniform dimensions, ensuring an orderly and neat installation site.

Multiple protections
The unit provides multiple measures of protection against refrigerant high/low pressure, compressor overload, fan motor overheating, low water fl ow, winter freezing, evaporator freezing, etc.
Linkage between terminal equipment and main unit is made possible using two-way valve signal, thus ensuring a more energy-effi cient system operation.
Remote cooling/heating mode changeover control, remote output of operation status and alarm signal, facilitating unit management.
Provide circulating water pump operation control output and water circuit electric heating control output, simplifying fi eld system installation.

Advanced Control
The unit adopts TRANE's exclusively developed Mini-ICS centralized controller with large LCD screen and user-friendly interface. Modular control enables a connection of up to 25 main units.
  • Professional appearance design: 50×100mm large LCD screen display, white back-light, 15 distinctly confi gured buttons, convenient operatin interface.
  • R485 network communication interface, network binding.
  • One-week job timer setting: working day, days-off setting.
  • Keyboard lock, offl ine display
  • Unit fault display, troubleshooting

General Data

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