Trane® Commercial HVAC Products and Systems

Water-cooled condensing unit WTK


WTK 12,000-60,000BTU/H

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Product Description

Human Comfort Solutions

Improved Cash Management

• Factory packaging and testing reduce field labor and installation risk and improve system reliability.
• Phased equipment start-up matches building lease-up.
• Short construction cycles maximize cash flow.
• Requires less sophisticated maintenance than built-up systems.

Tenant Satisfaction
• Enjoy the benefits of individual tenant metering since buildings can often be occupied on a one tenant per unit basis.
• After-hour operational cost savings are tremendous since units can be deactivated when not required.
• Complete HVAC system on each area minimized tenant inconvenience during routine maintenance.

Low First Cost
• Factory packaged controls reduce field labor, installation time, and costs.
• Minimize need and cost for fire dampers and air shafts.
• Large equipment rooms and penthouses are not needed.
• Condenser water is available on each floor for tenant computer systems.

Economical Operation
• Area-by-area system results in energy saving since only air conditioners on areas requiring cooling are needed.
• Especially economical after normal building occupancy hours.
• Annual system energy consumption comparable to central chilled water system but with significant energy consumption reduction during partial occupancy and after-hours.

Space Saving
• Compact in size.
• Unit can be installed in a very limited space.

A New Standard For The Industry
Trane sets new standards for
• Serviceability
• Installability
• Reliability
• Flexibility of application in their commercial air conditioning products.
These products enhance Trane’s reputation for quality in air conditioning equipments.

Quality Control
All of Trane products have inspected in assembly line. After completion, the condensing unit has been evacuated, leak tested and holding charged with refrigerant to protect rust and dirt.
This is to assure that every parts will work in the right condition and at the highest efficiency.

General Data

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