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Product Description


Wide application
The all DC Inverter Mini TVR system is a highly efficient solution for small commercial buildings requiring heating and cooling of up to 7 zones with one outdoor unit. Such as villa, restaurant, school etc.
Trane offers a variety indoor unit, about 100 models of 10 types. Capacity ranges are from 2.2kW to 16 kW. It is full compliance with residential and light commercial place. Our systems can operate up to 130% of capacity which allows any system to be designed to the customers and applications needs. 

High efficient DC inverter compressor
All DC inverter Mini TVR adopts highly intelligent inverter-driven compressor. This advanced technology enables the output of the outdoor unit to be modulated by the real heat load demands.
This advanced system ensures precise temperature regulation and highly efficient energy usage, making a significant contribution to the limiting the impact on the environment.  

High performance heat exchanger

The new designed window fins enlarge the heat-exchanging area,
which decrease the air resistance, save more power and enhance heat
exchange performance.
Hydrophilic film fins and inner-threaded copper pipes optimize heat
exchange efficiency.

Low-operating sound design

Optimally design fan shape and new designed discharge air grille and air deflector, making higher air volume and lower operation sound.

Quick warm-up & cool-down design and less temperature fluctuation

Utilizing the inverter compressor benefits,  
the system can reach full load quickly and
shorten warm-up or cool-down time for an
immediate comfortable air solution.
Less temperature fluctuation will create a
better living environment. Used across entire range of models.
Efficiency improvement by up to 45% especially at low speed.

Wide operation temperature range
No matter in extremely cold winter when outdoor
temperature gets as low as -15°C or in hot summer
when temperature is up to 43°C, the Mini TVR
system will keep stable performance.
Flexible piping design
Piping Length Permitted Value
Total piping length (Actual) 100m
Longest piping length Actual 45m(80/105 model)
60m(120~180 model)
Equivalent 50m(80/105 model)
70m(120~180 model)
The first branch joint to the farthest IDU 20m
The IDU to the nearest branch pipe 15m
Level difference between ODU~IDU ODU up 30m
ODU down 20m
Level difference between IDU~IDU 8m
Flexible indoor unit’s connection
Mini TVR with intelligent control gives you independent zoning control with maximum flexibility.
A single outdoor unit supports up to nine indoor units, freeing up considerable space outside. Use your backyard more wisely with much more space available created by less number of outdoor units.
  • Max. 4 indoor units for a 4TVH0027AB200AA model outdoor unit installation
  • Max. 5 indoor units for a 4TVH0034AB200AA model outdoor unit installation
  • Max. 6 indoor units for a 4TVH0040AB200AA model outdoor unit installation
  • Max. 6 indoor units for a 4TVH0048AB200AA model outdoor unit installation
  • Max. 7 indoor units for a 4TVH0055AB200AA model outdoor unit installation
Simple signal line connection
Installation is much easier as the communication wiring between indoor & outdoor units can be shared.
It’s easy for the user to retrofit the existing system with a centralized control by simply connecting to
outdoor unit.
Auto address setting function
The addresses of indoor units can be set automatically by outdoor unit.
Wired controller and wireless controller can enquire and modify the address of each indoor unit.

Easy piping connection
Offering four directions to connect pipes and wirings
to meet various installation requests.

Easy installation
The mini TVR can be transported by elevator which makes
installation dramatically easy, and effectively reduces time
and labor thanks to the small size.

Easy maintenance
Forced cooling button makes outdoor unit run in cooling mode at
any condition, so it is very easy for you to charge refrigerant to the
system when it needs to be done. The self-diagnosis function
detects malfunctions in major locations in the system and displays
the type of malfunction and location. This allows service and maintenance
to be performed more efficiently.
Space saving
The Mini TVR units are more compact, resulting in significant savings in installation space. It is particularly suitable for small offices, villas, shops, etc.

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