Trane History

The Trane Company (USA) began as a family business more than a century ago.  Its roots were set in 1887 when James Trane opened a plumbing shop in
La Crosse, Wisconsin, U.S.A.  In 1913, he and his son, Reuben, incorporated
The Trane Company to produce a new type of low-pressure steam heating called Trane Vapor Heating. Reuben patented the convector radiator - the successor to the cast iron radiator, in 1926. The convector proved to be the product which launched The Trane Company into worldwide prominence.  More innovative products followed, such as the unit heater and the fan-coil.

In 1931, The Trane Company produced its first air conditioner. Seven years later it established a reputation as an innovator by developing a revolutionary refrigeration machine that cooled more efficiently at a lower operating cost than others on the market. By continually improving its products over the years, Trane has become one of world’s largest manufacturers of air conditioners and continues to set industry standards.
In 1984 Trane was acquired by American Standard, Inc.  American Standard Inc. includes: American Standard plumbing, heating and air conditioning
Division; WABCO commercial and utility vehicle braking and control systems division, Trane heating and air conditioning products, and LARA and Copalis medical diagnostic system division.
Today, Trane - a multi-billion dollar global company with around 400 of branches, offices and factories globally located in many different countries - is recognized worldwide for its leading technology and quality products.
Emphasizing the Air Conditioning system concept, Trane also manufactures microelectronics and building management controls. With Trane’s Integrated Comfort System (ICS), a customer can monitor, diagnose and control a complete air conditioning systems in any kind of building.
Trane’s business philosophy is to passionately serve its global customers and, by investing in state-of-the-art technology, to set the STANDARD for innovation of high quality products in its industry.

Trane in Vietnam market

Trane in Vietnam market

Trane was present in Vietnam market since 1958 and was the leading trade name and trademark in air conditioning in South...
Dealer of Trane in Vietnam.

Dealer of Trane in Vietnam.

Chỉ những tổ chức, công ty được công ty Trane tại Việt nam xác thực là nằm trong danh sách đại...
Activities of Trane Vietnam

Activities of Trane Vietnam

Actitivites of Trane Vietnam