Applications Engineering

High Performance Chiller Plant

As energy engineers, we have been continually looking for opportunities to reduce chiller plant energy usage through the use of high efficiency water cooled chillers, “pony” chillers, variable frequency drives, premium efficient motors, low approach/high efficiency cooling towers, sophisticated control strategies, etc... 

Sensible Coil Integrated Outdoor Air System

The Trane® CoolSense™ Integrated Outdoor Air System combines a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with chilled-water, sensible-cooling terminal units to deliver a flexible, energy efficient solution

Ice Thermal Storage

Energy prices are uncertain, but trends are not. With even higher energy costs on the horizon, owners should be making plans to mitigate the impact on operating expenses. An obvious place to start is with one of the biggest energy consumers in the building: the cooling system. Adding thermal energy storage...

Intelligent Variable Air System for Chilled-Water Applications

With new technologies and optimized controls, a Trane Intelligent Variable Air System can deliver 20 percent to 30 percent more efficiency than a traditional VAV system—and you can easily monitor that efficiency with user-friendly dashboards to help maintain peak performance for the life of the system.

Low Flow, Low Temperature Chilled-Water System

Low Flow, Low Temperature CenTraVac™ Chilled-Water System (EarthWise™ Systems) engineering maximize the benefits. Responsible buildings. Environmental policy-makers want HVAC systems that reduce emissions and conserve natural resources. Building owners desire spaces where people can live and work in comfort—and demand operational efficiencies that benefit the financial bottom line. Trane has eliminated the...