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Low Flow, Low Temperature Chilled-Water System

Low Flow, Low Temperature CenTraVac™ Chilled-Water System (EarthWise™ Systems) engineering maximize the benefits.
Responsible buildings. Environmental policy-makers want HVAC systems that reduce emissions and conserve natural resources. Building owners desire spaces where people can live and work in comfort—and demand operational efficiencies that benefit the financial bottom line. Trane has eliminated the need for tradeoffs. You don’t need to choose one or the other: Trane has you covered on both sides of the wall.

EarthWise Chilled Water System A shining example of an EarthWise™ System includes a central plant built around a CenTraVac® centrifugal chiller, which drives emissions of all kinds to their lowest level while raising energy efficiency to new heights.

Sustainable low operating temperatures, plus the use of a lowpressure refrigerant, contribute to the chiller’s unique ability to support a “low flow-low temp” system design—a key to superior environmental performance and cost advantages.

• EarthWise CenTraVac chillers offer efficiencies as low as 0.45 kW/ton at full-load conditions and IPLVs as low as 0.305 kW/ton at AHRI ratings—a 15 percent improvement over the best competitive chillers in the 0.55 kW/ton range using alternative refrigerants
• Low chilled water temperature enable system design using cold air for smaller fans and ductwork, and smaller pumps and piping, reducing both initial materials costs and long-term operational costs while delivering better space humidity control
• Semi-hermetic compressors, along with low-pressure refrigerant, produce the industry’s lowest real-life, document refrigerant emissions rate—less than 0.5 percent annually. The closest competitor claims a distant 2.0 percent
• A patented EarthWise™ purge system doubles as an earlywarning emissions detector. Even a slight increase in run time indicates that a leak may be present. The CenTraVac autoregeneration cycle reclaims lost refrigerant and returns it to the chiller.