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Tracer UC210 Programmable VAV Controller

The Tracer UC210 is optimized for VAV applications and can be factory or field-installed. VAV applications include:
• Space temperature control
• Flow tracking
• Ventilation flow control

Features and Benefits
Features                          Benefits
BACnet MS/TP An open standard building automation communications protocol, which enables connections to other BAS systems and controllers
Configurable and fully programmable • VAV programs available through quick configuration for lowest setup time
• Programmable for flexibility to meet unique sequence or hardware needs
Total of 14 built-in I/O points Meets the needs of most VAV applications with extra built-in I/Os available to network, or additional programming on controller
Expandable to 22 points      Flexibility to meet additional equipment needs


Learn more: BAS-PRD023C-EN_UC210.pdf

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