Energy And The Enviroment

Whether careful cost management, or minimizing environmental impact is your priority Trane’s approach to product and system design and operation will help you meet your goals.

At Trane, we think about energy efficiency as a way for our customers to save money in operating their buildings and as a means to reduce demands on the environment. With the proper HVAC system and services, efficiencies can equate to savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating costs over the life of an installation, as well as substantial reduction of emissions.

 Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of Trane’s approach to being environmentally responsible. It is this prime consideration in our product and controls development programs that allow us to predict the operating efficiencies of integrated systems well before anything is installed on your premises. Our balanced view of the environment is reflected in our broad portfolio of energy efficient, integrated systems that enable customers to “build green” now and into the future. We have developed an array of energy saving options such as ice storage, heat recovery applications and geothermal systems.

Trane has assumed a leadership role in the field of environmentally-focused product design and technology development. Our EarthWise™ CenTraVac™ received the U.S. EPA’s Climate Protection Award and is the most energy efficient, lowest emission large chiller available today – up to 18% more efficient than the alternatives. Trane is committed to serving our customers’ needs through environmental responsibility, considering all factors that contribute to the planet’s health – global warming, ozone depletion, indoor air quality, water conservation, recycle/reuse strategies, energy conservation and noise pollution. Hermetically sealed construction and use of a low pressure refrigerant dramatically reduces the risk of refrigerant leaks. CenTraVac chillers have a direct drive, multiple stage compressor that provides zero energy loss from the gearbox and an economizer that further boosts energy efficiency.

Products and integrated HVAC systems are not the only way Trane helps you reduce environmental impact. Our High Performance Building Services and TRACE™ 700 software is approved by the US Internal Revenue Service to certify energy savings to obtain tax deductions.

As a Platinum Sponsor of the U.S. Green Building Council we are on the forefront of green and sustainable building issues working with clients to assist them in obtaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) certification, as well as locally-funded energy-related incentives for energy efficiency.

So, whatever your priorities: operating efficiency, emissions reductions, global warming impact, cost reduction, or all of the above, Trane can provide the HVAC environmental solutions that will help you meet them.

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