Trane services

Testing & Commissioning for new equipment

If you are purchasing new Trane equipment, you should consider adding Trane New Product Start-up and HVAC services as well. This will ensure that your investment is functioning properly and efficiently by having a Trane technician perform the necessary startup and HVAC services for your equipment.

After your new equipment is installed, but before it is commissioned or become operational,
a factory authorized Trane HVAC professional will work on-site to perform all startup services, which may take several days depending on your product and environment. Our technicians have access to the latest training and service tools to optimize the set up of your purchases. Trane professionals will ensure HVAC performance and optimal operation. Startup by Trane technicians is the best way to make sure your equipment is operating as advertised.

Startup Benefits include:

  • Startup – following prescribed engineering checklists to ensure all equipment functions meet operational parameters in a reliable and efficient manner
  • Operation – from startup, ensures new Trane products will operate within designed parameters
  • Performance – assures customers new Trane products will operate at peak reliability and efficiency during first year of service

The start-up should be proceeded within 06 months from equipment shipment date.
If you are making the investment in a new equipment, the best thing you can do is protect your investment with startup and HVAC services from Trane. Also check out some of the other Trane Services offered, like Repair services for your HVAC unit and HVAC upgrades.

Contact Trane Vietnam office or Trane Vietnam Hotline service to learn how factory authorized startup and HVAC services from us can help protect your investment and ensure operational efficiency!